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Vallin Baltic AS was established as a private company in 1994 and is since 2012 a part of the Addtech Group, a Swedish company group listed on NASDAQ OMX in Stockholm.  Addtech is a technology trading group that develops and sells high-tech components and systems to industrial companies in Northern Europe. The Group achieves annual sales of more than 500 million EUR and has approximately 1,700 employees in more than 100 companies operating under their own names.

Vallin Baltic AS is a distributor and trading company active in Estonia. Technical competence, long-term customer relationships and understanding of customers’ operations in Estonia has given Vallin Baltic AS a solid position on the market.

Vallin Baltic AS has their own offices in Tallinn and has about 7 employees and a turnover of 2,5 million EUR.

Vallin Baltic AS has also international quality and environment management certifications (ISO standards) 
9001 and 14001 since April 2010.


Vallin Baltic core business is in the following areas:

Vallin Baltic represents leading manufacturers well-known for their quality and performance.Vallin Baltic conducts the local marketing and sales mainly in the Baltic States where the local presence, good know-how, marketing and support are key words for the company where the customers’ interests are put into focus.


Baltic States are very small countries with a total population of only 6,5 million people and with four different languages. This fact has been one of the reason for the strategy of Vallin Baltic to work as as a group and not only as individual companies. This gives the possibility to coordinate activities, shares costs and increase the efficiency especially in marketing and logistics. For Vallin Baltic partners it is also a big advantage to have one representative that covers all three countries and with whom they can exchange know-how, develop sales strategies and business for this region. All three countries are members of the European Union.